Firehouse Styling!

Firehouse Styling!

General opinions on this wax have been wonderful, with numerous males bringing up this is now the go of theirs to mustache wax. A mustache wax’s main reason is to keep the mustache hairs in place. I personally love the handlebar for your mustache.

As we described before though, this wax is able to be challenging to escape the packaging, as ensure you soften it up before application. That is the best way to get your mustache ready for styling!

What are the main points regarding the firehouse mustache wax:

Longevity of wax: The majority of the reviews we read mentioned that no issues were had by this wax lasting through the complete day.

Level of grease: We observed mentions again and again about the shortage of greasiness (which is actually a great thing). Users mustaches had been left looking natural and not too shiny.

Washing Ability: Easy to clean out and eliminate when using proper removal procedures (water that is warm to rinse off the mustache).

This’s a fantastic wax at a fantastic value. You will find plenty of mentions about the word wide web, as well as a lot of reviews that are great. I wouldn’t wait to incorporate this to my moustache wax collection.

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